Greetings to all my brothers and sister in Jesus Christ our Savior! – January 2022

Greetings to all my brothers and sister in Jesus Christ our savior!
It’s my prayer and hope that as we entered the new year 2022 We will make up our minds to see that New Years speaks of new beginning, new start, and a fresh start.
One thing that is badly needed in Liberia and the world the world at large is FORGIVENESS. The cross that Jesus died on has two beams: one vertical and the other is horizontal.
The vertical speaks of the forgiveness we all need from God. We all have sinned against God. Rom. 3:23
The horizontal speaks of the forgiveness we need from from others and the forgiveness we need to give to others.
Let’s look at the beautiful and special word FORGIVENESS.
First of all I want us to consider the consequences that flows from this beautiful and special word forgiveness.
The good things that flow are 1. Reconciliation 2. Peace. 3. Understanding, 4. Harmony, 5. Fellowship.
The consequences that flows from unforgiveness are 1. Hatred, bitterness, strife, disharmony and killings. The two beams speaks of two directions. The vertical represents our relationship with God and our need to be forgiven by him which Jesus has already provided through his shed blood.
The horizontal represents our relationship to each other. and our need to receive forgiveness from others and our need to give forgiveness to others.
It’s important to understand that Unforgiveness according to Matthew 18:21-25 is WICKEDNESS IN GOD’s sight. Secondly it makes God angry with us and thirdly it opened the door to the torture and torment to demons. You don’t want that.
I want to challenge you in this coming new year brothers and sisters to allow the grace of God to flow into your life as you make a definite decision based on the word of God to forgive others . Finally LET BYGONES BE BYGONES IN JESUS NAME! I wish you all a happy blessed and joyous beginning in Jesus!

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