Quotes of William R. Tolbert – October 2021

”We believe in the testimony of the soul: Man is one name belonging to every nation upon the earth, that in them all is one soul though many tongues and different colors, that (while) every country has its own language, yet the subjects of which the untutored souls speak are the same everywhere”.

  • ”I have discerned enemies infiltrating through the length and breadth of our country and if something is not done to subdue them, our very existence as a nation will be impaired and undermined. Accordingly I find myself in a position in which I have no alternative but to declare war on those enemies …. The enemies of this country to whom I refer are: Ignorance, disease and Poverty!”
  • The appalling uncertainty of man’s existence is haltingly underscored by the momentous certainty of the phenomenon of death.
  • ”I will serve my country as long as I have life. I do not have to [be?] President to do so.”
  • A world half rich and half exploited is to rational interactions of nations sufficiently a living menace. But a continent half and half enslaved can become a deadly threat to international peace, security prosperity.
  • We all with faith, goodwill and purpose consider mankind our greatest challenge!

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