Andréa Morris – Educator
– November 2021

My name is Andrea Morris. I am an international educator with over 20 years of educational experience
in the classroom, as a counselor and as an administrator, working in various international schools in
Africa and Asia.
My BS degree is in Rehabilitation Services from the University of Maryland, a MA degree in Educational
Administration from American University, a K-6 teaching certificate from the George Mason FASTTRAIN
program and a counseling certificate from the Principals Training Center in Florida.
I began my career as an elementary teacher at the Lincoln Community School in Ghana, and I moved to
the American School of Yaounde (ASOY) in Cameroon after two years. While there, I created the
boarding school for ASOY, teaching their first multi-level class, grade 3 and 4, and becoming the
Residential Director of the newly established boarding facility. I traveled extensively with students for
competitions with the Odyssey of the Mind program, a creative problem-solving program, where I
became the Associate Director of Odyssey of the Mind in Africa. Our student competitions took place at
Iowa State University, Michigan State University, Hungary, and Germany.
I went on to teach grade 3 at Beijing International Community School (BCIS) in China where I
collaborated with my church and created a service-learning program embedded in our Primary Year
Program unit of systems, called Packs of Hope. Packs of Hope were backpacks filled with school supplies
and clothes that enabled physically challenged students at an orphanage in Beijing to attend school and
connect with our students, while teaching our BCIS students how to organize a system within their own
school community that led to service for others.
I moved to the American International School of Togo, once again creating a boarding facility, and an
agricultural program that included a poultry and vegetable farm. Once again, I liaised with my Light
International Church “street children” program and students from their center were able to do
internships and learn construction, poultry raising and vegetable farming.
I began teaching at the International Community School of Abidjan, where I transitioned from classroom
teaching to counseling and administration. I worked with my colleague Janine Stegall and we co-
founded the first Odyssey of the Mind Competition (AFRIFEST) for schools in West Africa. Our ICSA team
of students traveled to Germany, winning the first-place trophy in the middle school competition.
I currently work as the Principal of Heritage International Leadership Academy in my home country of
Liberia. I am also a co-founder of a consultancy with Janine Stegall, where I work on consultancies with
the Ministry of Education on World Bank projects, Save the Children, and schools within Liberia. My
passion is teaching children how to grow their own food here in Liberia, working with schools and
teachers to ensure our students are using standards that are at international levels and teaching our
children how to value themselves and others.

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