Archie P. Williams.
– November 2021

A patriotic citizen with passion for history, and a persona that cuts across all ethnic, political, social and religious divides in Liberia.

As our dear country Liberia is a mosaic, I firmly believe with the strongest conviction that its historical diversities must be told, and unveiled to all and sundry with their tenets exclusively focus on unity, and oneness. By the imperative of that uniqueness, I also believe there are bonds of celestial good imbedded in each, and everyone of us no matter our respective backgrounds, and statuses in society.

The aforementioned feats can be harness, and utilized for the mutual, and collective development of our common patrimony, LIBERIA.

From humble beginnings, I was birthed in Pleebo to parents who hardly could afford, but sacrificed for my ultimate well-being. I grew up both in Pleebo, and Harper, Maryland County whereat I attended private, and government schools from whence I obtained my primary, and secondary education that included the St. Francis Catholic School, and the Cape Palmas High School.

Academically, I hold a BSc. Degree in Economics/Political Science; MBA in Finance and Banking; PgD in International Diplomacy, and LLB in Law.

Per my job experience, I served with distinctions in several coveted positions of trust in government that spanned more than 20 years at the ministries of education, and information which amongst others, included Director of Planning and Research; Director of Communications, and Administrative Assistant to the Minister of Information.

Outside government’s employ, I briefly worked at the US embassy, and served as Managing Editor of the a privately owned POLLWATCH newspaper (defunct)

I also served in the security sector as Special Assistant to the Director of Police; Deputy Commissioner of Immigration, and subsequently Deputy Minister of National Security.

Based on my ardent passion for our country’s rich historical, and archival antecedents which relics, artifacts, and collections are hardly found, and records unknown to so many, but absolutely necessary for a country in dire need of reconciliation; their importance for nation building, and national healing cannot be overemphasized.

It was against the aforementioned backdrop, especially considering the beautiful heritage of our indelible history; howbeit good, bad and ugly, I’ve embarked upon the compelling need, and nationalistic dictates of a sacrificial endeavor which process I began by unveiling for public consumption several thousands of archival documents, and historical contents at my disposal through a Historical Research Center which bears my name on a social platform that concerns with EDUCATION, INFORMATION, AND KNOWLEDGE sharing with a sole objective of NATIONAL HEALING AND RECONCILIATION.

I’m a duly qualified Attorney at law of the Maryland Bar, and by extension, a member of the Liberia National Bar Association.

Academically, I obtained a