Martha Rahman – Educator
– November 2021

The month of November reminds us of giving thanks to God for the many things He has blessed us with.

I am an educator that is thanking God the privilege and the honor that he bestowed on me to train, inspire the nest generation of leaders for tomorrow.

When I was ten (10) ears old, I was asked by my big brother about what I want to be when, I grow up, I then answered that I want to be a teacher.

I knew on the inside of me that it was not true but that one day I will transform lives and change nations as an educator. Today, this is the moto that keep us making the difference. “Transforming Lives, Changing Nations”.

Every Educator should know that we have a moral duty before God and a patriotic responsability to produce some of the best leaders today for their better tomorrow and that tomorrow starts now.

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