Aba Hamilton-Dolo, Transformational Coach – March 2022

The past has nothing new to tell you!

Are you one of those stuck in the past?  Do you spend more time focusing on what happened yesterday then what’s happening now, and what will happen in the future? You can’t change the past; neither does the past has anything new to tell you! Whether your past is permeated with regrets, pains, or even a former good life, remember- that season is over.

Living is like driving. The car is life and you’re the driver. A car goes the direction it’s steered into. The windshield of a car is large because it permits the driver to see where he’s going. It projects the future, endless possibilities, opportunities, and new beginnings. Conversely, the rear-view mirror is small. It represents the past. As you move forward in life, your past and its events will diminish. The past, like the rear mirror, is useful as a reference to check from time to time how far we’ve come, and to glean life’s lessons.

If you drive, concentrating on the rear-view mirror, it’s guaranteed that you will have an accident. Similarly, if you live stuck in the past, your life is destined to face a parabolic crash. Shake the past off, be the best the best version of you, for life is short. Your best life is still ahead!

Show up, the universe awaits you!

Each of us carries a gift for humanity, and the universe depends on us to give up those gifts for the greater good of all. Our gifts are wrapped up in our purpose and placed in our hearts.  Many people, including me, go around in circles trying to find out their lives’ purpose. We often mistake our career for our purpose. Your purpose is what God has bequeathed to you as a gift for mankind.

Based on my experience, I have realized that one’s purpose shows up early in life, during our formative years. In order to find out one’s purpose, you must cast your mind back to your childhood and remember those things that came to you naturally, repeatedly, and gleefully during your playtime. For example, when I was a child, I would lay sticks on the ground and pretend that they were children. I would cover the sticks with leaves and feed them with sand. I knew that those sticks represented orphans. That was my favorite play, and I enjoy it! Fast forward, I have an organization which caters to the needs of children. Moreover, many years later, after working in different positions, I have surrendered my life to become a pastor. The little sticks that I gathered as a child were symbolic of the flocks that God would entrust into my care.

 Show up, shine your light, be the best version of you. The universe awaits the gift that you carry.

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  1. You are a complete Blessings to Nation Liberia and the world.

    I am grateful for your help to this Nation.

    You are one of the Leader send by God to help our future leaders.


    Okafor T.B.Kollie

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