Panama the Jewel of Latin America – June 2022

I was blessed to be able to visit Panama while working, and it was my first time in this beautiful and extremely clean, cosmopolitan country. I stayed in Downtown Panama City, at a amazing high rise modern condominium, complete with breathtaking views, rooftop pool, and I could literally feel the salsa energy in the air. Hearing the sounds of Hector Lavoe blazing El Contante, while standing overlooking the night skyline, made me feel like I was truly in a paradise.
My first stop I had my driver to take me was to see one of the eight wonders of the world, the Panama Canal, at the Famous Miraflores Lock. It was massive indeed, especially seeing the cargo ships with 4,000 containers on them, wondering where were they going?
My driver, Robertito, said vamos( let’s go), and we raced through and up the mountains and valleys of the canal coast and we were blessed to see the same ship very closely further up the canal. That was beyond lit!
Next on my journey was to the Gamboa Reserve for a quick cool beer, overlooking the serene views of Panamanian nature, at one of its best sights. I absolutely highly recommend this resort for a return family visit. The huge pool, overlooking the lake and lagoon is perfect for being one with nature near the Canal.
My last stop was the Amador Causeway, which is a boardwalk offering idyllic views for all the ship and sea lovers out here, people watching, and was such a positive Latin Caribbean vibe you must experience. Bring your skates, rent a electric scooter, or walk and feel the cool breeze, and grab your favorite significant other, hold their hands, and enjoy what I now call, My Jewel of Latin America, Panama.

P.S. Don’t forget to Salsa on the rooftop at night for me!

Willie Lee Jones Jr
“Coach Joey”

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