Allyson Brown’s Words of Wisdom – August 2022

Open your eyes. Open your ears. Learn from other’s mistakes. Why duplicate their mistakes? You’re going to make a lot on your own anyway.

2 Replies to “Allyson Brown’s Words of Wisdom – August 2022”

  1. On point! You nailed it💯🔥❤️💥🥂🍾

    HAPPY HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY LOADING ALLY MY DARLING SIS BFF 💥🥂🍾🔥💯🌺🌺🌺God’s continous Grace and Blessings 💯 🎂🎂🎂

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Alison!
    May the Lord grant you prosperity, peace, laughter, and every good thing that aligns with His will, in Jesus Christ Name!
    Yes, being determined to learn from another person’s mistake is not easy, but it pays.
    Luv U Sis 🥰

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