Flag Day in Liberia

When is National Flag Day?

National Flag Day is a national holiday in Liberia observed on August 24th.

The holiday commemorates the adoption of the Liberian flag on this day in 1847.

History of National Flag Day

In July 1847, the Liberian Declaration of Independence was adopted, announcing the independence of Liberia from the United States. Just over a month later, the national flag of Liberia was adopted.

Despite having declared independence from the United States, the spilt wasn’t that acrimonious as the Liberian flag is clearly based on the flag of the United States.

The National Flag was designed and produced by a committee of seven ladies led by Mrs Susannah Lewis. These seven women were born in America. (The flag of the United States was also designed by a woman, Betsy Ross of Philadelphia.)

The Design of the Liberian Flag

The flag consists of six red stripes and five alternating white stripes, totalling eleven stripes with each representing one of the eleven Signers of the Declaration of Independence of Liberia.

The blue field in the upper left corner of a rectangular form with a single white star in the centre of the blue field.  The single star represents the freedom that formed the basis of Liberia and should shine forth across the rest of Africa – as Liberia was the only independent state on the continent of Africa at that time. To an extent, this proved to be true as Liberia was never ruled by a European colonial power unlike all its neighbours in the rest of West Africa. 

The colour red symbolizes the blood of those who died in the struggle for independence. The colour white indicates the Purity of mind and clearness of all the country’s forebears toward each other and the blue for the dark continent of Africa as it was then depicted.

Did you know?

Liberia’s National Soccer Team is called the ‘Lone Star’.

On October 24th 1915, President Daniel E. Howard signed into law an Act of Legislature declaring August 24th a national holiday to be observed as National Flag Day with appropriate ceremonies befitting the day. Each year the President of Liberia reiterates this by issuing a proclamation declaring the holiday.

According to a government press release, the presidential proclamation calls on the Ministry of Education and all other government agencies concern to design programs befitting the day and that all citizens of the Republic, foreign residents within the border to give prominence to the observance of the day throughout the Republic by flying the National Flag from each dwelling and public building, and that all government offices, public and business houses be closed on this day.

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The adoption of Liberia’s flag followed close on the heels of their declaration of independence on 16 July 1847. Thus, Flag Day and Independence Day are only a month apart in Liberia.

The Liberian flag looks much like the US flag, but some of the symbolism differs. The 11 red and white horizontal stripes stand for the 11 signatures on Liberia’s declaration of independence. The blue field in the upper left hand corner stands for the African mainland, while the single white star indicates that Liberia was the first free black republic in all Africa.

On National Flag Day, there are numerous flag-hoisting ceremonies throughout Liberia, and you’ll see the flag on display on public and private buildings. There are also parades of both the Armed Forces and of school kids.

National Flag Day 2022, 2023 and 2024 in Liberia

August 24 is National Flag Day in Liberia, a day set aside to commemorate and celebrate the adoption of the national flag on that date in 1847.

202224 AugWedNational Flag Day
202324 AugThuNational Flag Day
202424 AugSatNational Flag Day
202524 AugSunNational Flag Day
25 AugMonNational Flag Day Holiday
202624 AugMonNational Flag Day
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