Discover fishing in Liberia – November 2022

Beyond the incredible surfing experiences on offer in Robertsport, is an opportunity to explore the rich heritage of fishing in Liberia.

Join one of the exhilarating charter fishing excursions that launch from Robertsport to cast your line in search of barracuda, mackerel and marlin. Located in the surfing mecca of Robertsport is the stunning tidal lagoon of Lake Piso, providing wonderful opportunities for keen fishermen who can rub shoulders with the local fishermen to bring in the catch of the day. You could choose to head out on a day of deep-sea fishing adventure off the coast of Monrovia with Extreme Fishing and endless encounters with the giants of the sea.



Liberia has two main seasons: dry and wet. The dry, fishing season starts in October and ends in May. The dusty harmattan season is in January and February, although each season varies slightly.

Wet season from June to September is a heavy pouring of sheets of water. It is far more intense than neighbouring countries as Liberia retains most of its natural forests. Fishing is allowed year round but most fishing is done in the dry season.


Off Monrovia’s coast the sea dips into a deep underwater 3Nm canyon, just 15 km off shore. But if that is not enough we will run out to 30 Nm where nothing stands between us and the Atlantics giants.


Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado (Dolphin), Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna and Tarpon are the most common species in the Liberia. But make no mistake about it, this is the best fishing spot in the world. On average, you can experience 10 to 15 bites a day during our season from November through June. Marlin fishing in Liberia in recent times has been exceptional and is clearly some of the best in the world. Blues and stripes are all caught in our waters, with blue marlin in the 400 to 700 pound range being the most common. In recent years it has not been uncommon for the best captains to raise 1 or more marlin in a day. Marlin can be caught year round in Liberia but the largest concentrations seem to occur in November through May.


If you are a novice you will enjoy the easy style in which the crew will instruct you. There is no better place in the world to improve your skills. A relaxing river trip? A deep sea adventure? We will mix up lessons on how to choose and hook bait, with chasing dolphins; how to spot a shoal of fish with spotting whales; how to pull in your catch with listening to tales both tall and true.

Let us splash you with fishing fever, you may never recover.


Fish above 100kg may be rare elsewhere but Liberia’s waters are teeming. Here there is no competition for the largest fish. No fleets of commercial fishermen to compete against, no densely populated fishing areas. Just a vast ocean with, on most days, only one or two boats trailing bait.

Our boat has already caught an Atlantic Marlin weighting 260km, a yellow fin tuna weighting 116kg, and a shark. Most days sunset will see a dozen big fish lined up on the marina.

The lragest fish caught in Liberia in recent times weighted 430kg. Join us and we will tell you about it.

Flex your arms for the fight of the season and prepare to spend the day getting the stories no-one outside Liberia will believe.

Don’t worry, Capt Flash has a camera: and a scales.


Summer is upon us and kids are out of school. Over the last few seasons we have seen a nice increase in family fishing vacations to Aqua play. The summer time is an excellent time to visit Aqua play resort with your family or friends. Watching your sons or daughters wrestle with a 50 lb tuna on the calm waters makes our destination ideal for family fun or just a group of friends looking to something no one else has. You can spend the day on our river barge drifting away or tubing with our fun jetski. Come on our nature watch boat, go looking for dolphins in their natural habitat or bird watching. We have a great team that will take you out for one of the best scuba diving trips ever where the water is aqua blue and clear. Summer fishing provides a certain bend-of-the-rod experience as the sailfish, wahoo, dorado and yellowfin tuna fishing can be prolific. Mix in our excellent possibility of a marlin and Aquaplay will be a sure crowd pleaser for everybody.

Call (+231)886703803 for Special Family or Group Pricing

In addition, to the Summer Season we see increased bookings around Thanksgiving, between Christmas and New Year’s and Spring Break. Several groups have expressed interest in the Dec – Jan timeframe and we encourage you to book that space early.

So please don’t delay. We are ready to deliver a top-notch fishing experience for the entire family with our outstanding fishing, beautiful and comfortable resort, superb client service and our new marina.


Captain Flash himself

Capt. Flash is the owner & Captain of Extreme Fishing Liberia.

In between wrestling fish he keeps an active Facebook page and answers any and all questions about fish.

Otherwise you can contact our other crew members by giving us a call at (+231) 886703803.

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