Spending Easter in Israel, the Holy Land, is one of the most exciting and special times to visit for Christians, as it offers a unique experience to spend the holiday in the very place where the original story took place. Orthodox and Catholic Christians focus their celebrations in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City of Jerusalem, where they have marked the crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Jesus since the fourth century. The centerpiece of these holidays are of course celebrated most prominantly in the city of Jerusalem. Take a Jerusalem Christian walking tour along Via Dolorosa in the holy city of Jerusalem. Or better yet, take a week-long trip to visit popular Christian sites throughout the country like our Christian Holy Land tour for 7 days or our Private Catholic Holy Land tour for 8 days for something more personalized. Easter, like Christmas in Israel, is one of the two major periods of the year for Christian visits to the country. Explore the Holy Land and be moved by the immersive, eye-opening experiences.


There are a number of iconic Easter celebrations in Jerusalem which include:

  • One of the most iconic elements of Easter in Israel is the famous Good Friday procession in which thousands of Christian pilgrims march along the Via Dolorosa in the Christian Quarter of the Old City.
  • On Saturday, Orthodox Christians celebrate the Ceremony of the Holy Fire, when thousands gather to await the miraculous lighting of the Patriarch’s candle from within the tomb.
  • For Protestant Christians, the highlight of Easter Sunday is the Sunrise Service at the Garden Tomb

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